Hermann Tortoise 🐢

Being animal lover and a mother of three young children age 13, 10 and 9 years old and baby on the way. My family wanted a new pet to join our family; my children from birth so were around pets inside and outside were we have squirrels, birds and other little creatures come for peanuts and bird food that we leave in garden for them.

We had are dog Molly for about 10years before she moved on 5years to a better place. My kids were devastated and they begged for new dog but I was still grieving and I felt that it wasn’t going to be fair on our elderly cat Sonia to get another pet.

Our beautiful Molly


I wanted to focus her. Sonia was my first pet, she was only 3 years old when I adopted her and she was my companion for 20 years. Sonia moved everywhere with me, she was so faithful. Sonia passed away on February 2020, I was heartbroken and my kids too. Anyone who knows would tell you how inseparable I was with my cat Sonia. My ex husband had to propose to my cat Sonia, she had meowing as if to say yes, with her blessing had agreed to her married.

And she was ready to breathe her last breath, she came to lay on my lap as we both watched a tv, it was the same scenario that took place when she first moved in with me back in my twenties when I lived in  a small terrace house with small garden.

My best friend and companion Sonia 😘missing you.

I was watching tv and left her to investigate her new environment when she came and sat on my laps I knew we were meant for each.

I was scared of cats but there was something special about Sonia. She made me feel okay around her and soon learn to be around cats years later I adopted our dog Molly.

So, when she sat on my laps that evening as I watched a crap movie, I felt a very deep sadness and warm feeling inside come to me as stroked her. I heard her last breathe and then she was going.

After Sonia’s passing I couldn’t cope getting another pet. My kids begged again for new pets and we looked at many pets but I couldn’t replace are dog or cat yet.

So, when I came across Hermann Tortoise and read that they made good pets. And I honestly was scared and I had nightmares because I had never seen or touched tortoise before but I was committed to give it ago.

I decided to adopt a tortoise 🐢 it has been the best thing I have ever done, she is full of mischief, loves adventure and for a small creature she is fast.

Being pregnant I found spending time with our tortoise lights up my mood and when I’m feeling low she does this cute thing by demanding to get out of her enclosure to be cuddled and let her explore the house. I always follow her and that in itself makes me feel happy and everything new gestures she does I’m fascinated by it.

New bestie and life time companion 😘Rosie

This short video of the first day our tortoise 🐢 moved in with us. Our tortoise is called Rosie. When I adopted her, I didn’t anything about tortoise expect that they made good pet.

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